DISCLAIMER: Order is produced according to the latest approved design proof. Customers responsibility is to ensure that logo(s) and color(s) are accurate. Colors may appear different on your screen or printed paper. Colors may have ∆E ≤5 (CIE 2000), compared to different materials and tints. For a particular result ask colortest from your sales representative. Design proof is based on L sized garment, design may vary with each size. We highly recommend to avoid continuity of design between two different part of product - Trimtex will not guarantee perfect result for this. Copyright © Designs are property of Trimtex, protected by copyright and allowed to use only on Trimtex products.

SOC Asikkala

ClientNo: 3000397 OrderNo:

Model details

Bike 2018

Production info

zipper:White 501
pocket zipper:White 501
silicone band:White
thread:Orange 2446

Order information

Mats Söderlund
Design as 50003568

Colors used

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